Super Rollers

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Super RollersSuper RollersSuper RollersSuper Rollers

Super Rollers is a physics-based puzzle game set in an alternate dimension where the world as we know it, as well as everything in it is flat.

In the year 2012, the on-going war between the Superheroes and Supervillains had almost reached its end. The Supervillains had almost been defeated… until after years of research and hard work in his laboratory, evil mastermind Stellarbane emerged with a machine that would absorb the very essence of anything its user desires. Together with his allies from across the globe, he terrorized humankind by isolating and ambushing Earth’s mightiest forces one by one.

With all the strong heroes now powerless, only the weakest superheroes remained as Earth’s last hope. Being the outcasts that they were, they united and fought off the evil alliance, and as they almost destroyed it, it opened up a portal that transported the entire planet to a new 2-dimensional realm.

You play as Commander Dhani, the psychic tactician of Earth’s Global Militia who, through his solid mental discipline, retained his telekinetic powers.Your job is to make use of his power to trigger the shape-shifting ability of both heroes and villains, making sure our heroes,now the Super Rollers, reach the centre of the dimension and destroy the machine’s core.

Super Rollers2345

Experiment with Physics

Play with the game’s physics system

and discover new ways to solve tricky puzzles.

Find the fastest solutions for each one to get 3 stars.

Rich Sound

Hilarious unit-responses and a comic-themed soundtrack

Engaging Puzzles

Understanding the solution to each puzzle

is only half the problem…the rest of it lies in the timing and execution!

Varied Environments

Guide the Super Rollers through 5 varied environments,

with unique elements,each of them calling for different strategies and a fresh mind

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