Super Numbers now on App Store!

Simple yet very Engaging game….. !! Wonderful game to kill time and sharpen your Counting ability at the same time….. 
Super addictive! 
Entertaining and engaging : the game definitely reaches out to math lovers and keeps the player hooked

Now FREE on iTunes for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.


Super Rollers released on App Store!

I have played about half the levels and I am really enjoying it. Game play is pretty simple, but timing can be tricky. Lot’s of fun.-Slewis7
This is a really fun game…. it took me a while to figure out how to solve the levels but I kept trying and finished. i love how hard this game is and fun at the same was great! –Devil2704
One of the best games that I have played on my iPad in the recent times.. Great Work Guys!!! –Bratty

Available on iTunes at $0.99 for the iPad


Ironjaw Studios Begins Development

June, 06th, 2012, Manipal: Indian game development has come a long way from depending solely on outsourced projects to development of new IPs in more recent times. The outsourcing hub for the IT  industry has enriched its art and programming domains to cater to the ever-increasing demands for cost-effective delivery of products and services.

In an effort to take the creative route, there have been risky initiatives taken by Indian entrepreneurs in the current scenario which were received well in the international market.

Ironjaw Studios, a game development studio has started its operations in Manipal, Karnataka. A new entrant in the Indian game development scene, focusing initially on Apple’s iPad and other smart devices, Ironjaw is a small studio consisting of not more than 10 people from all walks of game development. Before moving into a real office facility, the development started at home, using cardboard boxes and bean bags for furniture.

The studio has began development on an iOS project, which according to the founders, “is being developed to test their abilities and the possibilities the new infrastructure holds”.